Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wedding #62: Country Girls & Horses

Wow.... The last wedding inspiration board I made was on July 9th. Too freaking long! :) But anyway, today I am going to make a wedding inspiration post I've been wanting to do for awhile now! I was inspired by one of my brides at work. She is this real cute country girl... I mean back-in-the-woods-Georgia-raised true southern girl. I helped her find her dream dress. Which had one major requirement: Must have a short enough train & be easy to get on a horse in. Oh yeahhh... her wedding entrance? On a horse. So here is my wedding inspiration board inspired by her :)

Wedding Inspiration #62: Country Girls & Horses

When I was young I took some horseback riding lessons.
I enjoyed it :) 
My cousin was really big into horseback riding.
And won medals and stuff...
Well funny story...
One summer we were at the horse track...
And when I was young I was super unbearably quiet & shy...
Well, a horse stepped on my foot.
I was real young. Probably like 10 or 12.
Well, I was so shy and quiet that no I did not yell out loud like a normal person would.
Nope... I said quietly & timidly... "Uncle.. uncle. Um uncle the horse is stepping on my foot."
My uncle hurried to get the horse off & was like NICOLE?!!?! Why didn't you yell?
Maybe I just have super high tolerance to pain?
Well, I definitely do but still.. Haha :) 
Glad I'm not that shy anymore! 
Today I am off to Bleu Belle Bridal to find a dress for the wedding inspiration shoot I am planning with Layla Mayville and other vendors in Savannah!!!!
More details to come! 


{Photo Credits} Bride with Horse via Style Me Pretty, photography by Blue Bottle Photography // Wedding Invitations via Style Me Pretty, photography by Rowell Photography // Centerpiece with Horseshoe via Green Wedding Shoes, photography by Michele Waite // Cowboy with Holster via Green Wedding Shoes, photography by Ken Klenow // Horse with Floral Halo via Style Me Pretty, photography by Corbin Gurkin // Bride with Floral Halo via Absolutely Beautiful Bridal Hair // Cowgirl Boots on Piano via Green Wedding Shoes, photography by Sloan Photographers // Mini Apple Pies via Style Me Pretty, photography by Rowell Photography //  Cowboy Hats via Green Wedding Shoes, photography by Ken Klenow // Bridesmaids with Cowboy Boots via Green Wedding Shoes, photography by Our Labor of Love // Bride with 'I Love You' Stamp via Green Wedding Shoes, photography by Jagger Photography // Horses via Style Me Pretty, photography by Braedon Photography // Flower Girl & Ring Bearer with Horse via Grey Likes Weddings, photography by Haley Sheffield // Horses Running Across Field via Snippet & Ink, photography by Katy Gray // Groom's Attire via Green Wedding Shoes, photography by Sloan Photographers // Favor Bags via Style Me Pretty, photogrpahy by Dave Robbins // Horse Cake via Grey Likes Weddings, photography by Haley Sheffield // Bride with Garter and Boots via Style Me Pretty, photography by Peacock Photography // Bride and Groom with Horses via Inspiring by Design 

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Morgan said...

This is gorgeous! I love the flower headpiece. So pretty!

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