Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sundays at Home #15: Fresh Scents

I am a clean freak.
I mean I really am...
But I am not good at deep cleaning...
I am more of the cleaner who always wants stuff put in it's place.
But ya know my house hasn't been smelling too amazing lately...
So I have scoured the web for some methods to get a fresh smelling house,
because Febreeze just ain't working for me.
So here is some pretty home inspiration & some fresh scent ideas I want need to try.

Sundays at Home #15: Fresh Scents

Tomorrow I am going to go get all of this & make my house smell great.
I'll let you all know how it works ;)


{Photo Credits & Shopping Guide} Black Wall Bedroom via Little Green Notebook // Vacuum Beads via The Good Home Co. // Vinegar via The Happy Housewife // Lavender Essential Oils via Amazon // Spray Bottle via Amazon // Essential Oil Tricks via Cupcakes & Cucumbers // Vanilla Extract via Life Hackers // Lemons via The Inverted Kitchen // Rosemary via Big Oven // Vanilla Extract via Cooking Hussy

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