Saturday, August 18, 2012

Guess What Comes Out Today...

Hunger Games.
I will buy it today.
I is oh so excited you don't even know.
But you do know because I just told you.
& obviously I had to make yet another inspiration board for the occasion.
Most of this inspiration is from a shoot that Layla shared with me,
Because she knows just how obsessed I am!
It was featured on Hostess with the Mostest & I am so obsessed.
SO if I had all the time in the world...
& friends who actually were as obsessed with the Hunger Games as meeeee...
I would love to host a party for it just because it's coming out on video!
And that means 3 whole hours of behind the scenes footage.

Hunger Games Party Inspiration

Anyone else out there as excited as me?!?!?!?!
I will someday have a Hunger Games party.
Maybe like a birthday party???
Or maybe someday I'll get to plan a Hunger Games inspiration shoot...
:) :) :)


{Photo Credits} Girl & Guy via Fab You Bliss, photography by Elle Golden // Bow and Arrows via Hostess with the Mostest // Loaf of Bread via // You Love Me Bracelets via Done Brilliantly // Mockingjay Cupcake via Fictional Food // Plate via Hostess with the Mostest // Books via Pinterest // Parachute on Chair via Hostess with the Mostest // Katniss Hair via Samii Ryan // 'Stay Alive' Printable via Hostess with the Mostest // Mellark Bakery via Hostess with the Mostest // 'Frosting' via Hostess with the Mostest // Bow & Arrow Ring via Done Brilliantly // Straws via Confessions of a Cookbook Queen // Mockingjay Cupcake via Fictional Food // Katniss via Pinterest // Mockingjay Cupcake via Fictional Food // Capitol Dessert Table via Hostess with the Mostest // Couple Holding Berries via Fab You Bliss, photography by Elle Golden // Mockingjay Flutes via Hostess with the Mostest 


Taylor Green said...

VERY excited about this also! Love all the party inspiration - so creative and fun! :)
PS- I'm back on the blog!
CoverGirl + Converse

Kristen said...

Must see this movie! Everyone wont stop talking about it!. BTW I nominated you for a blog award, check out my latest post to claim it :)

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