Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dream Room Thursdays #1: Baby Girl Nursery

I have a new obsession.
Fortunately for me it hasn't started costing me money yet.
And in all reality it has led me to start a new home decor series.
Right now I don't really have a regular Thursday post that I do.
& just a heads up this blog will be going through some changes in the near future.
But more on that later! 
Sooooo... I decided that my Thursday posts will be for me to design a room.
Not necessarily one that I have now but ya know my dream room down the road.

Moving on, anyone out there subscribed to Joss & Main?
Well, if you're not you should be.
Everyday they feature designer home decor on huge discounts.
I love checking out the stuff.
& I just know that soon I'm going to find my dream rug on there.
Anyway, there is this one sale going on right now that you can check out here.
All the stuff just screams most-glamorous-little-girl-nursery-you-have-ever-seen-in-your-life.
& no, I am not pregnant. Not even married or engaged.
So when I say this won't be happening until down the road I am serious.

Dream Room Thursdays #1: Baby Girl Nursery

Wouldn't all that seriously make for one adorable baby girl nursery????
Off to crafting! Enjoy your day everyone! :)


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