Monday, March 26, 2012

Wedding #41: Rustic Shabby Chic

This Wedding Inspiration comes from a bride I had today. 
As you may know I work at a dress shop selling wedding dresses. 
Today I have both a really great story & a really sad story. 
I guess I will start with the happy story because this will explain my inspiration for this board. 
So, the bride today had purchased her wedding dress back in November of last year. 
It was an ball gown with loads of tulle & lots of layer and some major bling bling. 
Well, come March & after all the planning she had a session with her photographer a week ago. 
First of all she couldn't fit into her dress barely & when it was zipped all the way 
she felt like she couldn't breathe & just really didn't feel like this was her dress. 
Also, the decor for her wedding is very rustic & shabby chic 
and she felt like her dress took over and didn't belong with the rest of the wedding. 
She was very upset & teary eyed about the whole situation 
but she came in today to find her perfect dress.
Well we bonded & we found her the perfect dress!!! 
It was a very vintage gorgeous A-line dress with loads of lace.
I just know it will look perfect in the setting of both of her ceremony & reception!
She was so so so happy & gracious! A few hours later I was told I had a call. 
Well, I answered & it was her mother calling from New Hampshire just to thank me for helping her daughter find her dream gown & she gushed about how happy and beaming her daughter was. 
It really was a special moment & I teared up with happiness!
 It is moments like that that really make me love love love my job. 
I just love love love making people happy!!! 

So, she described some of her decor to me.
Lots of rustic shabby chic decor.
Lots of burlap & twine!
So I want to do an inspiration board for a wedding just like hers!

Wedding Inspiration #41: Rustic Shabby Chic

How adorable is the window panel with the lace in it??
I kinda wanna make one of those for my house.
It's so freakishly adorable!
And I love that hairstyle with the fishtail in it! Gorgeous!
And uhhh how about that The Coop picture??
Check it out here on Green Wedding Shoes.
And omg isn't that last picture of the ceremony decor absolutely gorgeous?!?
I'm swooning right now.
Now to a more sad story from work today...
I answered the phone & the girl on the phone asked to speak with a manager.
We are supposed to try & solve the issue before getting a manager so I asked if I could help...
She started talking really fast & explaining that she has a dress on layaway & she needs to cancel it...
because her fiance died.
She started crying & just talking really fast & it made me cry too.
All I wanted to do was be able to reach out & hug her.
It was so sad.
Can you imagine?
Something that's supposed to be one of the most magical days of your lives
To be planning your big day
& to have it cut short & have the love of your life taken from you before you get it?
I can't imagine...
My heart goes out to her.
What a horrible thing to happen.
I hope she is doing okay out there.
& whenever something like that happens it just makes me want to hug & kiss my boyfriend!
& let him know how much he means to me!
So there you have it.
I teared up today for 2 reasons.
One really really really really good, the other really really really sad.
May he rest in peace.



Roxy said...

Loving your entire inspiration board!! I would have been balling on the phone with the Bride :( Makes you realize life is short!

Layla Mayville said...

ohhhhh man, now you made me cry!!!

Jess said...

Oh my goodness! I love those pink & grey straws and the dessert table bunting! Great ideas!

MessyDirtyHair said...

Well that was sad but the pictures are beautiful & exactly how I want my wedding !

xx Kelly

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