Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dream Wedding #8: Photo Booth Fun

For Dream Wedding Wednesday I got inspiration from the wedding I worked at last Saturday. They had a really fun photobooth on the stage in the venue. With props & everything! The wedding turned out really well! There were tons of cute DIY, rustic, vintage decor that was really pretty. It was supposed to be outside but it ended up raining so we had to move it inside, which was a blessing not in disguise for us setting up since we had to set up 150 chairs which required carrying them up a huge flight of stairs...

Dream Wedding #8: Photo Booth Fun

I am guessing now that you definitely are wanting a photobooth at your wedding too, right? 
& is it just me or does the boy in front of the blue backdrop look like Luke from Modern Family!?!?
Anyway, check out Layla & I taking a break to have some fun...
Rene & Whitney had a scrapbook that everyone put their
pictures in & could write a note to them.
What a cute idea?!!?
Anyway, I am off now to work on not 1, not 2, but 6 projects today.
All using Adobe Illustrator.
All needing to be done today & printed either today or tomorrow.
Hope your wednesday is a little more relaxing than mine?!?!
I have some funny stories coming up soon regarding all my arts & crafting...
Stay posted! 


Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 910, 11, 1213, 14, 151617 


Eloquent English said...

I attended a wedding last year with a costume photo booth. I'm sure the bride and groom have about 50 pictures with all of us dressed up. Super fun!!! xoxo A-

ally (the ruffled lace) said...

what a fab idea! xx

Jess said...

Im definitely a fan of the photobooth weddings! These are all such great ideas, and I love that the doggies got to have some fun too!

Holly said...

I love all those props, makes for fantastically fun photos!!

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