Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dream Wedding #11: The Reception Party Time Dress

Today for my Wedding Wednesday link-up with Something Charming, I decided to do a post on reception dresses! I love the idea of having a fun reception dress so you can party after the ceremony without the heavy wedding dress weighing you down, especially convenient if your wedding is outside & in the south where it's normally hot & sweaty! I don't really know if I would want one or not... but I do think they are cute!!! Especially paired with some adorable cowboy boots or some sexy heels... Here are 3 very different but fun looks I put together! Which one fits your style?? 
Dream Wedding #11: The Reception Party Time Dress

So, I have been working at a bridal shop now for 5 months...
So I though it'd be fun to share my top advice for brides searching for their gowns:

Envision the decor of your wedding. You most likely want your dress to match. 
i.e. If your decor is very rustic & vintage than it would look out of place to be in a ball gown. 
Similarly, if your decor is very glamorous than it would look out of place to be in a vintage lace dress.
And the list of examples goes on... This tip has helped a lot of my brides make their decision.
Example, a week ago a bride was stuck between two gowns.
One was an organza fit & flare gown with loads and loads of tulle detailing.
The other was a taffeta mermaid gown covered with floral details & pearls.
Her wedding was going to be on a plantation.
The floral details & pearls screamed southern to both of us.
And the cherry on top was a pearl necklace & she was sold.
She chose the dress that she could envision herself wearing in the venue she had chosen.

Anyway, off to another day at the bridal shop! 
Everyday is something new, so we'll see what it's store for me today! (pun intended...)
Have a great day! 


Photos: {LOOK 1} dressheelsfloral hairpieceearringsclutchring {LOOK 2} dressbootsearringsclutchring {LOOK 3} dress, heels, earrings, ring, clutch, headband, bracelet


his little Lady said...

okay, that first dress is swoon worthy. seriously i wish i could get married all over again. it's only been 8 months and already the styles are changing!!
xo TJ

Jess said...

Oooh so pretty! I love the lace and the cowgirl looks!!!!

jen said...

seriously can't decide between the three! i love all the lace but the diamond bling definitely caught my eye too!!

life spelled jen

Joelle :: Something Charming said...

I absolutely love the idea of doing a reception dress, and if I could do my wedding over, I so would have gotten one! I really love all of these ideas's so hard to choose!

Thanks for linking up this week my dear!


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