Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Fancies #28: Luck of the Irish

This Friday Fancies theme is of course St. Patty's Day! Living in Savannah should make this a very interesting holiday. The city has I guess one of the largest St. Patrick's Day celebration in the world, not including Ireland. They're expecting 1 million people.

Friday Fancies #28: Luck of the Irish

I don't really have any green in my closet...
except I do own 1 cutout shoulder shirt & a neon green backless summer shirt...
But this was a fun post to put together! 
& while finding things for the post, I ran across these amazing wedges
& would really appreciate owning them soon... just saying.
Also, you must must must go check out the shop where I found that necklace & ring!
It's the Etsy shop, Michelle Chang Jewelry
Her stuff is seriously awesome!!!! 
Anyway, I hope everyone has an amazing St. Patty's day!
I sure hope I do too!!!
Savannah is already seriously packed.
I worked a promotion last night downtown & tons of streets are closed
3 parking garages were full and the place was crazy already.
So it should definitely be an interesting time to say the least...



Lindsay K {lastyearoftwentysomething} said...

Oooo! Yes! Love the leopard with the green dress! So cute!

Kristin said...

I used that same dress in my Friday fancies post! great minds think alike :) loving this look!

xo kristin

rachael said...

I don't own much green either (unless neon counts?!) but I would totally wear everything in your collection! Love those wedges too, wow.

rachael said...

p.s. do you have links for your roundup, dear? would love to know the source of the wedges. thanks :)

Laura said...

Gorgeous outfit, love the wedges! :)

Nikell said...

This is such a chic look.
I don't have much green in my closet either. Those wedges are really cute too.

Clare Christine said...

Great dress and I always love leopard touches to any outfit! Also, those wedges are fabulous! I hope you have enjoyed your week and wishing you a wonderful St. Patty's Day!
Twirling Clare (check out the face-lift!)

Susan said...

Wow that sounds intense! And I thought Chicago was crowded! Well enjoy it, it'll be an experience for sure. Have a lovely weekend Nicole!

alittlepetite said...

love how you chose to pair leopard with the dress! love the outfit!

Lexi said...

Those striped wedges are perfect!
♡ Lexi
FASHION: Glitter & Pearls
WEDDINGS: Glitter Weddings

Sarah said...

I LOVE that your outfits aren't totally overwhelming with green! I love St. Patrick's Day, but I hate being all green - I guess it's just not my color! The little pop of green is such a great accessory with those heels - LOVE it!

Hope your celebrating day was/is fabulous!!

Lauren K said...

A few years ago my bf went to Savannah for St. Patty's Day - he said it was a TON of fun, and we have semi-plans to go back next year!

Love the green and leopard : )


Ivana said...

Nicole, your ensemble is just perfect! Live the green dress and beautiful shoes!

Happy Monday!

xx Ivana
Macarons and Pearls

Eloquent English said...

I really love the entire collection you pulled together! So fun! Sounds like Savannah is quite crazy for St. Patty's Day! Hope it was a great one! xoxo A-

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