Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dream Wedding #7: Chairs

I was inspired to write this post on Saturday. I worked at a Valentine's Day party... (uhh ya not sure why they would have one almost 2 weeks after???) But anyway, this is the 2nd event I've worked at with white seat covers. Now I don't mean to offend anyone who might like them... But to me they look like bed sheets. And they look cheap & super tacky. So I wanted to make an inspiration board on some awesome chair covers & alternatives. Perfect for this week's Dream Wedding Wednesday! 

Dream Wedding #7: Chairs

I really like the idea of using streamers & ribbon for chair back decor.
It's super cheap & looks really pretty.
Although having to set that up probably takes quite a bit of time!!
For a vintage/rustic wedding, I think the look of mismatched chairs is fun.
Could be difficult though if you have a lot of guests.
Other than that, chiavari chairs are my favorite as far as rentals go.
I think they are pretty & classy and don't even need a cover.
Although I have to say the Ghost chairs are pretty freaking cool.
Would be so perfect for a modern wedding!!!
What do you all like?


Jess said...

Yay! I love that first photo with the pink and blue, but I mostly just love all the pink!!!

Emily | Recently said...

Hmmmm, I'd have to agree on the white chair covers. Seems like it doesn't add much pizazz! As always, your inspiration photos are gorge!

Victoria Mische said...

Ghost chair seems to be perfect if you want a modern wedding theme. But if want something more classy, I recommend satin chair covers for a wedding. This kind of cloth will create a modern and sophisticated look for any event. Adding also gorgeous flowers like peonies and calla lilies will also add so much twist and glam on this event.

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