Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sundays at Home #14: Bedroom Decor

The bf & I... well mostly I am redecorating our bedroom.
I wanted something a little more sophisticated with more character.
And I wanted girly but manly all at the same time.
So think neutrals with maybe a splash of some pink....
And it needs to have things we both love.
I love snowboarding & so I want something that represents that to me.
And my boyfriend loves the beach (I do too but I mean he really loves the beach)
So I want there to be a touch of the beach too.
So far it is coming along great & I love the changes we've made.
It will definitely take awhile though considering I don't want to spend a lot of money all at once.
I can't wait until it's all done, but I think I know in the back of my head it will never be all done.
I feel like home decorating is something that I will always be updating & changing.
But anyway... for now this is my inspiration :) 

Sundays at Home #14: Bedroom Decor

Oh and the bf & I just bought a baker's rack to make the cabana closet!
I have yet to find the perfect fabric but am thinking of doing a more neutral shade...
I am real nervous & hope it turns out as gorgeous as that one!
I absolutely adore the beachy feel it gives to a room without being too over the top.
But anyway, I have lots to do before I will ever share any pictures of our room now :) 
I am off to bed now! Sweet dreams ya'll! 


{Photo Credits} Room via Sketch 42 Blog // Arrow no. 1 Reclaimed Driftwood Artwork via Nesta Home // Soft Rock Geometric Facet Artwork via The Pair A Birds // Room 2 via Desire to Inspire // Fur Blanket via Robin De Groot by Hudson Bay Co. // Bamboo Globe by Kristoffer Zeuthen via Design Boom // Coral via This Next // Room 3 via SF Girl By The Bay


M.B. Captured said...

I agree that re-decroating your home is never ending, but that's a great thing! I think it means you never become complacent and you explore to make things better.
I love your inspiration for your bedroom. I wanted to create a happy bedroom, lots of bright colours and great photos. Just stuck on the wall colour/wallpaper?

Candice said...

Yay! Can't wait to see the cabana closet!!
I love all the faux fur too :)

I am Megan said...

Such cute ideas, I love them all! And I so agree, if it isn't budget that's restricting you, there is something else, like not finding the perfect things!

It's a nightmare! But in the end, perseverance will give you the house and home you have always dreamt of!

Ashley Aspinwall said...

I love all of the fur throws!!

xo SideSmile,
SideSmile Style Blog

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