Monday, July 30, 2012

Miranda Lambert + Blake Shelton

I love Miranda and Blake Shelton!
And you know what I love even more???
Looking at their wedding pictures!
Miranda & her bridesmaids were too adorable with mismatched dresses & cowboy boots!
If you follow my blog you know that I am a huge fan of mismatched bridesmaids dresses...
Just check my post here or here...
Anyway, for any of you out there wanting to steal Miranda's look I put this together! :)

Miranda Lambert's Bridesmaids

And now for a sneak peak into their wedding!
Check out the full thing at Green Wedding Shoes!

I love her cowboy boots in that last picture!!!
Ahh aren't they seriously the cutest??
Anyway, I hope you all had a fabulous start to the week!


{Photo Credits & Shopping Guide} Miranda and Bridesmaids via Green Wedding Shoes, photography by Robert Evans // Fancy April Strapless Dress with Bow via Shop Bop // Juicy Couture Gem Geo Halter Dress via Shop Bop // Vila Polma Dress via Nelly // Shoshanna Zoe Garden Print Strapless Dress via Shop Bop // RED Valentino Tombolo Lace & Taffeta Dress via Shop Bop // Stetson Antique Floral Printed Lawn Dress via Zappos // Lucchese 'Adam' Boot via Nordstrom // Turq Craft Collar via Bauble Bar // Floral Lace Flippy Tunic via Top Shop // All image of Miranda Lambert & Blake Shelton via Green Wedding Shoes, photography by Robert Evans, venue Kendall Creek at Don Strange Ranch, reception styling by Junk Gypsy, cake by Jay Qualls, brooch bouquet by Ritzy Rose


Courtney at Little Moments said...

Love love love this post!!! Hope you are doing good girl!!

Dee {Strings and Buttons} said...

Oh wow! These are gorgeous! I love the seating area, esp. those couches! x

smk053078 said...

I am right there with you! Their wedding was one of my most faves out of all the celebrities I have seen in the mags! That is EXACTLY how I would want mine if I were to do it all over it was in Texas!!

Holly Foxen Wells of Glamour Mash said...

I LOVE the mismatched dresses and boots! I've thought of doing the exact same thing for my wedding (even though I'm not engaged yet... haha...shhh don;t tell my boyfriend I'm planning our wedding). hehe


Holly Foxen Wells


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