Thursday, July 19, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting #14

2 years ago yesterday, July 18th, my boyfriend & I were at a bar. I was with my girlfriends celebrating someone's 21st. He was celebrating being back from overseas with some buddies. He asked me to dance. I said no. It was girl's night obviouslyHe asked me again later to dance. After checking with my friends I said yes. Now this is where you probably would expect me to say the rest is history right? Well, no it didn't work like that for us. After that night he texted me a few times durin the week and whenever I would respond he wouldn't respond back. I was single & having fun & getting irritated at him. So about a week and a half into this I texted him saying... Stop texting me unless you are going to ask me to hang out. So he did. Are you thinking that might be where the rest is history??? Well, nope. We went on a date... and it was awful. I texted my friends the whole time saying how bad it was. Nevertheless, he kissed me goodnight & we went on our way. I got home and told my girlfriends all the details about how awful the date was. The next day at work though he asked me to go out that night... I decided okay fine I'll give this guy one more chance... and so I told him I was going out with some of my intern friends but he was welcome to come along. He did... and we had an amazing night. We started seeing each other more & more and then in the fall he learned he was moving to Savannah. I cried... and cried some more... and cried some more and more... But then we decided to give long distance a go. We did it... 9 long months that were really tough. Then last August I moved to Savannah, he got back to Savannah in October... And now the rest is history. :) It might not be the cutest love story in the world, but this love story is ours. And I love it. So today I wanted to include some pins that are all about loveeeee.

Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday #14

And here's the beautiful flowers my lover gave me and a pic of us at Myrtle Beach!

So glad I gave that boy a second chance at a dance!!!!


{Photo Credits} Scrabble Letter pin via Jean Tsai // Girl with Boat pin via Dust Jacket // 'Hello From Someplace Beautiful' pin via Birch and Bird // Girl with Bag pin via Viva Luxury // Bride and Groom pin via Green Wedding Shoes // Couple Kissing pin via Once Wed // Bunting Cake pin // Birthday Cake Shots pin via Sweetapolita // Little Girl pin via Simplicity Couture // Army Boy & Girl pin // Love Keyboard pin via Visualize // Little Girl Outside Jewelry Store pin via Lauren Conrad // Quote pin  


Jen said...

Cute story! Also, love the little Breakfast at Tiffany's girl.

Joelle :: Something Charming said...

Happy anniversary Nicole! And I think the story is adorable :) It's obviously not love at first sight for everyone, and at least you know for sure that you're supposed to be together!


emily fitzgerald said...

So cute! My relationship wasn't exactly a "fairy tale" in the beginning, either... I almost think that makes it better!

xox emily

Chrissi Holt said...

How beautiful ! Those pictures make my heart sing :)|


With Passion and Love

Brit @ Confessions of a PinAholic said...

Awe...I Love your love post. Too cute. Such a sweet story. I also love Savannah. I wanna move there someday... Congrats on the ann.!

Andrea {blonde ambitions} said...

What a great love story! Love the picture of you all :)

Jess said...

This post is lovely! Just letting you know I'm a new follower of your blog, its fab! (: Would love it if you followed mine in return! xx

Jess @

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