Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Fancies #13: Inspi[red]

So I don't really wear red.
Well, I am wearing a red sweatshirt right now.
But other than this American Apparel hoodie I'm rocking...
I prefer to not wear red.
Probably because my hair is red so I think I look awful in red.
But anyways, I love Friday Fancies & like to have fun with the theme!
So... when I spotted this shirt on Top Shop I decided to use Top Shop for everything!
& I really want this whole outfit now...
Just saying... :) 

Friday Fancies #13: Inspi[red] Outfit by Top Shop

 & on a side note I am completely excited because
my dad sent my best friend since I was 12 out here to Savannah for my birthday weekend!
Pinned Image

Photos: top from Top Shop, jeans from Top Shop, ring from Top Shop, bracelet from Top Shop, shoes from Top Shop, earrings from Top Shop, lipstick from Top Shop 


Joelle said...

Love this look! I'm completely obsessed with red jeans right now, but I still haven't gotten any! I might need to fix that soon...

And I really love that top! Good job this week my dear :)


jessica {creative index} said...

this is so cute! love the booties!!

have a great birthday weekend! :)

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