Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wedding #24: Coral, Navy & Gray

I threw together an outfit really fast a few days ago for work...
Coral ruffle dress, navy blue scarf & a gray sweater.
I ended up really liking this color combo...
And then I remembered a post I saw a few weeks ago
Just had to use that invitation as inspiration too...!

Wedding Inspiration #24: Coral, Navy & Gray

P.S. On a whole nother side note,
One of my new years resolutions is to work on my blog!
I made this post like 4 days ago yet stopped halfway through to work on a different post...
Need to focus more rather than multi-task constantly.

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Photos: invitations from Grey Likes Weddings, bracelet from Iskra Creations, suit from Style Me Pretty, sign from Style Me Pretty, pillows from Honey + Fitz, suckers from Style Me Pretty, dress from Shop Bop, cake from La Belle Bride, envelope and card from Grey Likes Weddings, bowtie from Groom Sold Separately, reception decor from La Belle Bride, bride & groom from Style Me Pretty, holly corsage from The Knotty Bride, bride with owl from The Knotty Bride, groomsmen from Ruffled, shoes from Nordstrom, bridesmaid from Style Me Pretty

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