Sunday, December 25, 2011

Friday Fancies #16: Off-white Christmas

For the white Christmas Friday Fancies I decided to go with a comfy outfit
Because on Christmas I normally just wear sweats!
This turned into an off-white/white Christmas once I found those Uggs!
Too bad this year there probably won't be snow & it's not even that cold...
Well, in Virginia (where we are now--bf's parents houses) it's cold
But when we left Savannah it was like 70 degrees! 
I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas!

Friday Fancies #16: Off-White Christmas

My boyfriend got me the open heart diamond necklace from Kay's this Christmas!
I feel pretty lucky!
It was really fun meeting all of his family & seeing where he is from!

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Photos: dress from Nasty Gal, boots from Nordstrom, watch from Nordstrom, beanie from Zumiez, purse from Nordstrom, nail polish from Nordstrom, earmuffs from Ugg Australia

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