Monday, September 12, 2011

Spice up the Living Room?

Our living room is so bland it sort of makes me want to puke.
And there is this chair in the living room that umm...
{No comment.}
Anyway, my plan? Spice up the living room.
I found this on Nest of Posies on making chevron curtain covers & oh my gosh they are darling.

I think she did an absolutely amazing job & I am just feigning for these! 
I am thinking of doing this in our living room but instead of red & white, 
I'll do whatever color we are going to be using as an accent in the living room.
Which as of right now I am thinking a blue color.
But I have to find the right fabric right now!
Anyway, more to come later as soon as I actually start doing stuff!
I am still waiting to get paid & once I get paid I can start crafting more!

P.S. Her blog is seriously incredible. Check out this post on this wreath she made...
Oh my gosh, I want to make one so bad but in the colors of my room!
& maybe use it as a picture frame.
I just love it!
Why wasn't I born as crafty as some of these amazing people in blog land?

Photos: Nest of Posies

1 comment:

Maria said...

umm, i need that wreath! :)

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