Friday, September 2, 2011

Men are from Mars, Women from Venus

I just saw this on A Punch of Color blog. 
& it made me laugh out loud because it reminds me of me & my boyfriend.
Love it.
Miss him.
Oh the crappyness of being in a long distance relationship.
Although, I saw a really cute quote this morning.
"Don't focus on what is keeping you apart but what is keeping you together."
& the biggest thing I can think of is that he is my best friend.
& that's not normal that you find someone you love and is a best friend.
So he's kind of a big deal.
I've been practicing yummy meals so I can impress him when he's back!
So far I have mastered shrimp quesadillas & steak and baked potatoes!


Maria said...

HAHAHA! that is a great picture!
i love that quote.
being able to be best friends with the man you love is an amazing blessing. it sounds like you'll be cooking shrimp quesadillas and steak n' potatoes for many, many years!!! :)
hope you have wonderful wednesday

jessica {creative index} said...

that is such a great picture! it's so true! haha!

hope you get to see your honey soon! :)

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