Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Steal #3: Romper

Current Location: Cheyenne, Wyoming
We drove from Boise, Idaho to Cheyenne, Wyoming today.
It took us about 10 hours to get 605 miles.
It was a really long day.
I slept probably 5 hours & drove 5 hours. :) 
Today I wore my Sunday Steal of the week.
I just absolutely love this find!
Especially because it's something I could totally dress up or down.
Today I wore it with my aviators, flip-flops & my usual gold necklace, bracelet & ring.
But I could totally picture it being dressed up with my 
H&M brown wedges, a belt, & some funky bracelets.
This Sunday Steal of the Week was from one of my ultimate favorite stores... Forever 21!

Sunday Steal #3: Forever 21 Romper
I love rompers. 
Absolutely love them.
I like how simple & easy they are.
I have probably at least 10 or so of them in fun crazy prints.
I found this one last week at Forever 21 in Portland...
& was shocked at how cheap it was.
Well, not really since Forever 21 is cheap in general.
Anyway, it has a really cute back with criss-cross straps (a bunch of them).
Me in Utah at a rest stop in front of HUGE mountains...
Retail Price: $10.99
My Price: $10.99 (no tax because in Oregon! woot!)

Happy Sunday & Happy shopping!

P.S. Here are some fun little snapshots I took today during the road trip!
At a rest stop in Utah
Driving in Wyoming
Lincoln's head in Wyoming


Meg {henninglove} said...

adorable blog that outfit is really cute! newest follower :-)

Maria said...

you look gorgeous!! super cute romper!! i love em' too! and those mountains are amazing!! i want to visit there too someday!! :)

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