Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jump then Fall

Love is scary.
I don't think anything sums it up better than Taylor Swift's Jump then Fall song.
It's sinking in.
Tomorrow we finish our road trip & drive to Savannah.
From Portland to Savannah to be near the guy I fell in love with.
I'm excited, happy, nervous, scared, overwhelmed, ecstatic, etc.
All these emotions all at once.
I made the jump & now I fall... hopefully not brutally though...
I'm not real good with owies.
I am scared because I have no idea what the future holds...
But I am just going to go with it, & pray my heart doesn't get broken.
In the meantime... I'll focus my energy on my other dream.
To become an event planner.
Here we go.

P.S. On a side note... I'm obviously a huge Taylor Swift fan...
And if you are too like me,
& if you can't listen to her music without wondering who each song is about...
Then I would suggest you read this.
Haha, okay right now if one of my friends were here they would be 
making fun of my TSwift obsession.
Anyway, goodnight.


Maria said...

anyone who makes fun of taylor swift is a meanie! she's awesome. did you see on yahoo news, the pic of her "dress mishap" from the fan blowing too much wind on stage? just saw it. poor taylor. at least she has a great tush!
wishing you lots of luck in your journey!! <3
happy almost friday <3

Nicole said...

@MariaOh man no I definitely did not, but I am going to have to go look that up!!!! Hahah, and thanks!

Betty said...

Good luck getting settled in in Savannah! 4 years ago I moved from San Antonio to New Orleans to be near the man I fell in love with! Not quite as far as you but still a big move for me! It was a great jump! I'm now married to him!

I'm also a HUGE Taylor Swift fan too! I'm going to check out that website because I am loike you and constantly want to know who she's singing about!

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