Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Obsession #3: Bar Cart

Day 4 of road trip...
Actually I guess today doesn't really count since we only drove 45 minutes today.
We are currently in Nashville, Tennessee. 
We are staying at the Gaylord Opry Land Resort!
It is incredible.
It reminds me of something you'd see in Vegas...
I am currently lounging on our personal balcony & blogging.
It is my way of unwinding... & I'm loving it.
The only thing that could make this any better?
An iced coffee w/a splash of vanilla flavoring & a razor.
My razor is done-zo & personally I prefer my legs to be super smooth during summer.
[Sorry... that may have been TMI, but whatever, it's my blog right?]
Anyway, while perusing the internet & looking at bathroom decor...
I ran across this awesome blog, My Cup of Te.
Which led me to her new company... Society Social.
Which led me to find some amazing stuff.
And I just love these bar carts!
I saw in an interior design magazine the idea of decorating your kitchen or dining area with one.
& I just loved it!
So... anyway, here it is... the bar rack I've been talking about...

Obsession of the Day #3: Bar Cart

Now if only I had $549 dolla bills laying around...
Someday... or DIY project???
Seriously though, check her site out. I love it all!

Photo from Society Social


Maria said...

AHHHHHHHHHH! YOU ARE IN MY FAVORITE CITY IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!! ok, i was only there once in february. but omygosh, my husband stayed there yrs before i met him and he loved it. when we were there in feb, i told him if we ever stayed at the opryland i'd want to be in one of those balcony rms. blogging and balcony in nashville!? you are my hero!!
hope you had an amazing time!
that bar cart is adorable!!

EmCain said...

I live 20 min. from Nashville and we go to the Hotel ALL the time for Dinner! Isn't it just lovely? It's especially great in the winter when you're in need of some greenery! Enjoy the city :)

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