Sunday, August 14, 2011

Wedding #6: Deserts & Sunsets

Day 1 of my road trip across country from Portland to Savannah.
First stop: Boise, Idaho.
We drove today during the sunset
It was beautiful, absolutely beautiful.
I just love sunsets the most out of any other time of the day.
Especially when they are pink & orange and vibrant.
I think they are so romantic, & I have decided I want to get married during sunset.
Anyway, while driving in Idaho we passed this beautiful arch in the desert.
It looked like a wedding alter & gave me the inspiration for this wedding board.
There is just something so enchanting about the desert. 
So deserts & sunset together are just the most enchanting & romantic to me.

Wedding Inspiration #6: Deserts & Sunsets in Idaho

So the craziest thing happened today on Day 1 of our road trip.
While driving on the freeway today we almost wrecked. 
A car was driving the OPPOSITE way on the freeway going about 5-10 mph.
WTF right?
My dad was able to swerve out of the way, 
but it was so strange because the closest exit was at least 3-4 miles down the road, 
so I have no idea how that car made it that far going the wrong way in the farthest left lane. 
It was the strangest thing. 
I'm guessing drugs or alcohol? 
There is just no way a normal person gets themselves in that sort of a situation for that long...
I just hope nobody crashed into them because I would guess that would have been a very fatal accident.
While we kept driving we saw about 4 or 5 police cars going to get the car...
So strange...

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