Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting #21 & Dream Wedding #17

Today I'm doing a double link-up for one major reason. My brain hurts. I am trying to come up with theme ideas for a styled shoot... I just actually did one a few weeks ago... (pictures coming soon I promise) But I am hoping to do another one this fall. I think I am trying to force myself to think too hard. Sooo today my pins are just some of my favorite wedding pins. Maybe to help my brain work again? Or if not just for some fun beautiful wedding inspiration. But ya know what this just made things worse I think. Because I was originally thinking I wanted to do a soft romantic girly flirty inspiration shoot focusing only on the bridal gown... but after looking through my favorite pins it is very clear that my favorite style is I don't know what it's even called... Umm, more southwestern, aztec inspiration, desserts. Those are things I love love love. But I mean I don't have to do a shoot on stuff I love. I mean I love lots of things. I love pretty things. Maybe I need to save the stuff I love love love for my own wedding someday. Because obviously I don't want my wedding to look like something that I did however many years ago. Does that make sense? I feel I am rambling. Mostly just to fill up this space because I am anal and like things to look nicely put together. 

Oh How Pinteresting #21 & Dream Wedding #17

I just have to ramble some more.
This morning was so fabulous.
I am sitting outside a Starbucks blogging away.
The weather is 100% perfect.
It's not too hot, not too cold...
It's like the perfect Nicole degree.
If everyday felt like this then Nicole would always be happy.
I mean seriously... amazing.
I am in heavenly bliss right now.
I must do this more often now that the weather is cooling off.
Next time I'll bring Winnie the Pooh.
And it will just be oh so nice.
I hope you all have as nice a Wednesday as I am having so far! :) 
& Thanks for stopping by!! 



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