Friday, September 21, 2012

So... I'm still here I promise...

Gosh I've sucked at blogging lately.
Wanna know why?
I am the proud new owner of the wedding planning company that I worked for.
Yup... as of last Monday.
SO I have been crazy busy trying to get the new website up...
Which is really hurting my blogging time...
But soon I will be back with a vengeance...
And will be probably sending you over to the new blog & website!
I really hope you all will check it out once I finally share it! :) 
It will obviously need some love too.
Anyway, until later here are 7 lucky things to make you smile!!!

Gosh all this stuff just makes me smile.
OH and those cheesecake scrumptious balls of fat are making my stomach growl.
And uhh is it weird that I love cactuses ?? 
Or uhh cacti??
Hmm.. anyway, I love them so much they make me smile??
Except for when I am at Ikea trying to figure out if one is fake or real & so I continously poke it until it finally hurts & I got prickles in real deep? I swear I went to college...
Anyway, tomorrow is going to be a good but exhausting day.
So errrr I will be back blog soon!!!!
Have a great weekend ya'll!! 


{Photo Credits} Where the Wild Things Are Halloween Costume via Making of a Family // Wedding Cake via Green Wedding Shoes // Chocolate Covered Reese's Peanut Butter Cheescake Balls via Gimme Some Oven // Dog Licking Window via Dogster // Dinosaur Kid via The Shiny Squirrel // Cactus via Pinterest


Jess said...

oh my goodness! Congrats! You mean you get to call yourself the OWNER of something?!?! Can't wait to see the website once it's ready!

Courtney at Little Moments said...

congrats!!! Thats so awesome!!!

emily fitzgerald {once in a blue room} said...

that's amazing. congrats girlie!!

Jillian Nicole said...

Oh my gosh, Nicole! That's so awesome! I noticed on Twitter that your pic had changed, so I clicked on your url and have been looking around the new site--love it! So, so, so excited for you!!!:)

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