Saturday, November 10, 2012

Styled Love Shoot in a MARSH?!

Oh my gosh yesterday the boyfriend & I did something super special!
In about 20 minutes I styled a love shoot for us in the swamp with the super talented Alexis Sweet of Alexis Sweet Photography!!! 
Alexis is so easy to be around and makes you feel super comfortable...
Although Chris did point out that she had more pointers for me than for him so according to my boyfriend he is obviously more photogenic and goodlooking than me. :) 
Anyway, Alexis is so awesome she even gave us a little sneak peak last night! I was so in love!
And cannot wait to see the rest, but wanted to share them first!!!
I love how she was able to capture Winnie smiling too!!! 

Coming next a post on how to style a love shoot in 20 minutes for under $100.. haha it happened. :)
And I loved the outcome!!!
Almost as much as I love my boyfriend :) 
But not quite!
Have a great weekend ya'll!!!!
Today is my last wedding of the year at the Savannah Queen!!



Kristen said...

Aww too cute! These look great.

Capturing the Moment said...

These are really cute!!! LOVE the last one!!!

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